Are you seeking spiritual truth? Take fifteen minutes of audio in your language to hear the answers to the big questions of life.


The purpose of this podcast is to provide spiritual comfort as you or family going through difficult times. My hope is that you can discover the truth about Jesus Christ through His Word (The Bible). Please explore the resources on this site with your spiritual walk with God. When we do not understand why something is happening, these three things are true: 1-God Loves you 2-God is in Control, 3-He has a plan & purpose for your life. 

Wayne Lampe - was raised Catholic and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior in 1994. Most of his ministry service has been with teaching children and youth. His bible knowledge is influenced by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa from teachers such as Chuck Smith, Jon Corson, and Greg Laurie. His passion is for people to grow spiritually through learning the Word. In January 2006, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig disease. He started a web site to help encourage others with ALS. 

He then began producing family orientated biblical teachings in 30 minute lessons. He uses both audio and visual presentation for easier understanding of the scriptures. He published ninety lessons from Genesis, Book of Job, Gospel of Mathew, and Revelation. He added closed captions via YouTube so they can be watched in all languages.

His passion is for people to grow spiritually through learning the Word. We all look for physical healing when we or a loved one is sick. Most important is your spiritual health condition. 

In 2010, my website started receiving visits worldwide with the most from China, India and many other countries.It was around the time of the soccer’s World Cup in South Africa. That sparked the idea to find a way to help people that are seeking spiritual truth in as many languages as possible. 
Wayne then formulated fifteen questions people most commonly asked questions about spiritual truth, God, Jesus Christ, and the bible. Using a variety of text to speech and translation computer tools, that idea started to develop. This lead to finding a way to broadcast bible sermons in several languages. 

Wayne heard the truth about Jesus Christ on the radio.  
One morning Wayne turned on an AM station and heard, Chuck Smith and The Word for the Day. He described the bible in a simple way. Today, people listen more to podcasts and he started a trial podcast subscription. I found sermons online in other languages by Calvary Chapel pastors worldwide. 

Wayne currently has the International Bible Study podcast featuring the fifteen Life’s Big Questions, in over fifty languages. Currently, he continues to program other pastor’s sermon podcasts in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. These podcasts are free and no donations are requested. His passion is for people to grow spiritually through learning the Word or God.

Chuck Smith was the founder of the Calvary Chapel Movement, and had taught the Bible for more than sixty years. On October 3, 2013, Pastor Chuck moved out of a worn-out tent into a glorious mansion that God had prepared for him. He authored over fifty books and today his Bible studies can be heard on the worldwide radio program, The Word for Today. In 1965 Pastor Chuck Smith began his ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Only 25 people had attended. What began as a small chapel has now grown into a church that seats over 2000 and is filled almost nightly. From the beginning, Pastor Chuck welcomed all—young and old—without judgment, placing his emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God. His simple, yet sound biblical approach spread to Calvary Chapel Churches worldwide.